What is Caravan Chaos?

Wreck your friends and be the Last Van Standing!

Caravan Chaos is an arena battle game where you try to hit other players by detaching your car’s caravan at just the right moment. Wreck your friends across four different game modes in local and online multiplayer, the Last Van Standing wins!


What makes Caravan Chaos great to play?

Chaotic gamemodes

Wreck everyone and be the last one alive in Last Van Standing, score satisfying longshots in Soccer and don’t get cought with the explosive caravan when it detonates in Hot Potato!

Perfect party game

It’s the perfect party game to play with friends. Compete in short, action-packed matches and clap your mates with satisfying caravan shots.

Local & Online Multiplayer

Take on your friends and people worldwide in online multiplayer via Steam.

Easy to learn, hard to master

Only one stick and one button are needed to start wrecking. There is mastery in perfecting blocking incoming shots or building up maximum momentum for that devastating shot.

Gameplay Impressions

Let’s give you a little taste of chaotic caravan crashes


AirConsole Game Dev Contest 1st Place

Subotron Live Pitch Finalist

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This game was funded with the help of aws